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Zkittlez is an indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain to produce this candy-flavored strain bred by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. This award-winning combination took 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and 1st Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The chunky colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavors. The effects of Zkittlez are calming, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day.Buy zklittled online

Thank you for the investment of your time. I will try not to waste it. Visual Inspections: Various shades of green, with slight purple, but most striking is the OFF THE CHARTS thick coat of white crystalline structures throughout the buds, all the way down the stalks. The bud structure is more like a sativa or a hybrid, with the largest cola approximately 6″x2″, in the ounce, but most buds 2″ to 3″ size. The Nose: The odor of these flowers is truly unique for an Indica. They smell very similar to some Sativa varieties I’ve experienced, like Jack Herrer or some other flowery/fruity scented buds. Most of the Indica strains I’ve been lucky enough to smoke, have a hasty/earthy flavor, if derived from the kush from Afghanistan, or maybe a grapes/plum flavor, if a fine purple Indica is within your grasp; or even a,”Blackwater’s ,beautiful berry/tobacco/woodsy scent, is totally different than that of Zkiddlez. After grinding up a bud, a fruity, citrus odor stands out. A truly unique scent; a wonderful odor. Closest smell that comes to mind is a fine crop of Jack Herrer, on the Sativa end, and maybe a fresh bud of Northern Lights, on the Indica side. Flavor: I hand-rolled a nice joint, and brother, was it a delightful, delicious, first hit. Tastes very sweet and smooth…right now, it’s the sweetest little doobie this old toker has ever enjoyed! I can taste a little citrus flavor from the grapefruit, and a lot of sweet berries and grapes. Effects: I smoked 1/2 the joint, as is my practice when giving reviews, and I’m perplexed by some of the other ratings that give Zkiddlez low marks for strength, or as I like to term it, “Stopping Power”, a phrase used to describe a weapons ability to take down your target with one shot. Zkiddlez is plenty strong for,this old hombre, as I am pleasantly sedated in my body, yet mentally stimulated; enough so, that here I am, giving you this “heads up”. Conclusion: Zkiddlez is a unique, delicious, and a very smooth smoke. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to experience its flavor and positive effects, and to be able to communicate these observations to you. 5 Stars for Zkiddlez!Buy zklittled online


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