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White Russian is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing White Widow and AK-47. This strain produces euphoric and cerebral effects that will leave you feeling relaxed and locked to the sofa. White Russian is an extremely fragrant plant, with aromas of sweet fruit and skunk. At one point, White Russian was considered to be the strongest strain in the world. This strain placed in the “Best Overall” category of the 1996 Cannabis white russian online

When I was a mere lad, my father warned me of the dangers of marijuana. He told me, “If I catch you stealing any of MY pot, I’ll kick your scrawny little ass!” My father was an angry drunk with Vietnam flashbacks. He could have used some White Russian. However, with Russian in the name, he would have thought it was some kind of Commie plot to steal his ditchweed. But he’d have been wrong: White Russian is a fluffy little cloud of THC goodness populated by ponies and Care Bears and other cute anthropomorphic animals that Furrys furiously masturbate to. This strain has a smooth take off and a high that is mellow, relaxing and creativity-inspiring. Hell, I took three hits of that shit before I wrote this and you’re still reading it! So remember, White Russian: It’s not just the cocktail you order to impress your gay friends anymore.

The only White Russian I’ve tried is through a local dispensary. I’m turned off by the fluffy leafy look of it. I finally gave it a shot after the selection lacked anything desirable. I am pleasantly shrodused by this indica dominant hybrid. I didn’t realize just how strong the initial sativa onset is and wish I had known sooner. This strain reminds me of the mystery baggies from my twenties…back when a baggie with a ziploc was fancy and we weren’t all weed snobs. When you got a slice of pure fire and wished you had picked up a Q because that bud was gone as soon as it went (actually, that feels relevant still). This smooth berry smoke leads to instant anxiety relief. It’s chill. Chill enough for me to take time out to write this without caring what I say. Chill enough for me to not caring that all I’ve done on my day off is get high. No cares with this ugly duckling.


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