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White Berry is a versatile indica strain that produces calming effects while giving users an extra pep in their step. When White Berry is consumed in higher quantities, the typical result is a sativa head high effect with an indica-style body high. Those who smoke White Berry also say it makes them feel creative happy. White Berry is made by crossing Blueberry with White white berry online

This is most definitely the strain for us anxious types. I have this and Love Potion #1 on hand currently, and they are both amazing, but this is the best I’ve ever smoked for my panic attacks hands down. I was in the throws of my worst panic attack in a long time not a half an hour ago and after one round through my vape, I’m totally level. Don’t get me wrong I’m still stressed out, nothing makes reality stop happening, but I am far calmer, and able to think in a straight line again. Effects were near to instant, but not over powering, and I’m feeling sleepy after my panic attack (which is normal as they’re exhausting!) but not sedated or lethargic. This is a must toke!

White Berry has the ability to hit hard and be very effective. This is one of the most intense body highs I have experienced from any strain that I have tried, but it’s quite enjoyable. Your libido will surge into overdrive and you will crave sex. In large doses it can leave you feeling a bit dizzy but besides that all other attributes are positive. Less is more when it comes to consumption. You can always vape or ingest more, but start small. This strain is wonderful at knocking out pain for headaches and migraine. White berry has a very strong lime and black pepper flavor with hints of rose. It’s a smooth easy smoke or vape and the euphoric effects are a nice escape for those who suffer from chronic pain. This is a strain I could see cultivating for myself, as it is similar in effect to blue dream, which happens to be one of my staples. I would recommend this strain to others.


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