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Wedding Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid that is made by crossing Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. Wedding Pie puts out a fragrant, fruity dessert aroma that is sweet, lemony, and gassy. This strain will quickly put your mind at ease as you enjoy the calming high and the quality craftsmanship that make this strain an all-around hit. Wedding Pie is bred by the respected Cannarado wedding pie online

Non-medical user review duly noted😤☺️. I just bought a 3/5 of Strawberry Fanta and Wedding pie. The Strawberry Fanta is good damn good, but this wedding pie takes the cake.. … and the pie. It’s fucking amazing you can smell and taste the cake and the pie at the same fucking time and you can tell the difference of the two from the smell and taste it’s a remarkable hybrid i’ve smoked many many many many fruity skunky tropical Diesel weeds in my life but this by far was probably one of the best combine hybrids there fucken is. Can’t tell you I got the best high or I was blown off my socks because I’m always high but I definitely felt it and appreciated it and the smell and taste👏👍🤤, I’m about to go get me some more before these motherfuckers run out🏇

I feel pretty heavy and relaxed after smoking this. I feel a bit lethargic. I feel a little unfocused. I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. But my body feels good. I’m hungry and lazy. My chest felt sort of heavy and it was harder to breathe but i was coughing a lot while smoking wedding pie online

I love this… it’s like that scene in Harry Potter where the wand chose Harry as it’s user. This weed chose me, and hopefully it chooses you too!


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