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Watermelon is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing two unknown parents. Watermelon produces relaxing effects, making it useful as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant. As the name suggests, this strain has a distinct fruity watermelon flavor profile, reminiscent of grape with hashy undertones. Watermelon is prized by growers for its high yield and potency, requiring 55 to 60 days flowering time. Growers say this strain has large, dense buds that are valued for their high THC content. buy watermelon online

Tilray patient review: Watermelon smell/flavour definitely there. The euphoria in this strain is intense for an indica. It is uplifting and energizing. I don’t feel sleepy and I can do a variety of activities and not feel couch locked. I prefer to use it during the day, not the evening. I don’t really notice the typical indica body effects until the euphoria fully sets in. Once it does it provides me with moderate pain relief and muscle relaxation. Other than providing a great euphoria I find this strain is also a huge anxiety killer for me. Over all I would definitely order this strain again. It’s a shame this is a limited release from Tilray. The smell and taste alone make it worth keeping as a regular item. I enjoy having a good daytime indica that provides a sativa like euphoria.
Watermelon is one of my favorite strains for regular use, as it does not impair coordination or cognitive skills. I highly recommend this for a daytime or nighttime smoke, and as a way to enhance boring physical activity (i.e. this is great for cardio exercise, doing laundry, vacuuming the house). The Watermelon experience is also very social, as you’ll feel very relaxed and patient if you are around people, so definitely bring this to your concert or soccer game or dragon boat race. The psychedelic effects are subtle with this strain… just a hint of THC psychedelia to make you smile, but you’ll remain coherent enough to do cognitive tasks. I’d describe the overall effect of this strain as: you’ll experience a head ‘hum’ similar to a deep state of meditation but while you are fully coherent and functioning. Body stone is very anagelsic, and you’ll feel light and eager to run and exercise. Munchies are moderate. No dry mouth, no anxiety effects, no paranoia. And that, my friends, is my favorite part of this strain: Watermelon has ZERO anxiety effects. If you like Kush hybrids, I definitely recommend Watermelon! p.s. I am vaping my Watermelon herb with a Da Vinci Ascent, 361 degrees farenheit.


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