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Twisted Citrus is a sativa-dominant strain with a THC content that can climb to heights as high as 27%. With a name like Twisted Citrus, you might anticipate the tropical fruity aromas even before opening your stash jar. A bold fusion of oranges and banana flavors overwhelm the inhale and fade to subtle earthiness on the release. Next comes the upbeat, energized cerebral euphoria coupled with mellow, uplifting body effects, sensations that you can appreciate any time of the twisted citrus online

Delicious, citrusy, straight up sativa! If hybrids make you fall asleep, and you’re looking for a daytime strain to supplement your ADHD medication, I am 100% recommending this strain for you! Clear headed and focused, but can still pack a punch if you feel like getting super baked. Not ideal for sleepy time, but somehow kickass for meditation. Best wake n’ bake strain to date!

This is certainly a top shelf strain, that blasted my senses with many citrus aromas with the flavor to back it up. Very energetic, yet very mellow feeling with a gentle comedown. Great for stating your day off right.

Twisted citrus is very fruity. And the batch I recieved was a pleasant smoke. 👍🏻 As I grounded up the buds, the consistency of the flower was perfect and rolled up in a blunt really well! Aroma: A mixture of lemony citrusy orange fruits Inhale: smoke tasted a bit earthy with sweet undertones This strain personally gave me cottonmouth pretty bad every time I smoked it., but not to the point to where I hate this strain because it was manageable. When I consumed my twisted citrus It knocked me out, it allowed me to laugh and have a good time. It even allowed me to get some activities done. Great smoke for all times of the day in my opinion.

My local dispensary provided this for $30 per 10 gram 1/4 so I got an excellent deal on this. i feel like I had to smoke a lot to feel its effects, but it’s definitely a decent smoke. if you can find it really cheap, it’s worth a try. I found that it always helped me focus and concentrate on my own thoughts so if you’re a daytime smoker this is good, but make sure to have another strain to mix it up or else you’ll grow too accustomed to its effects.


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