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Tangie Biscotti by Prūf Cultivar is a pungent cross of unknown genetics. Supposedly a mixture of Tangie and an unknown Cookies cut, Tangie Biscotti packs an alluring fragrance of fruit, flowers, and dough. This strain’s stout effects hit hard between the eyes, leaving pleasant euphoria in the mind before turning up the physical relaxation. Prūf Cultivar says the two primary terpenes in this strain are myrcene and linalool, which speak to this strain’s more sedative tangie biscotti online

bruh this is the overall best strain most say this is a indica but that’s not til it sitting in and relaxing you. Starts off like a pure sativa and goes into indica .. This wayyyyyy better then Gelato could ever be 💯🔥💯🔥 If you see this you got to try it best A1 Gas I’ve had number 1 favorite

Just bought a gram of this to try for 420 after being recommended by staff at Green Planet in King City,OR. Holy crap am I glad I picked this up. The smell is wonderful, fruity, and very fresh. The draw is very interesting. It feels like it’s going to make you cough your brains out, but then you never actually do. It’s a smooth draw the entire time until the very last puff of the bowl. It’s fascinating but awesome. Oh and did I mention this hybrid packs a whopping 31.6% THC After finishing a single chillum I’m feeling great. Waves of relaxation through my entire body hit after a few minutes. Started at my toes and traveled through my body. I got a burst of energy then too and felt hyper aware but totally relaxed at the same time. This stuff is so good. Starting to feel a little spacy now. Couch lock setting in. This is great. Don’t plan on leaving the house though.. this really packs a punch. I’m going to go try to play some video games now. Wish me luck and happy 420!



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