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Sunshine is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. With a name like Sunshine, you could probably guess that this sativa promises blissful, happyuplifted effects even on rainy, dark days. The sweet fruity and citrus flavors run with Sunshine’s tropical theme, taking you to a warm place where pain, nausea, and appetite loss don’t sunshine online

The only strain I’ve ever felt for for 5 out of 5. I’m a VERY sensitive lightweight when it comes to… anything at all really lol. So, cannabis usually makes me paranoid. This strain was the absolute most euphoric, relaxing, calming highs I’ve EVER had. This was like laying in a pile of clouds. I suggest this to anyone that is stressed and just wants to smile, laugh, and go on a very comfortable euphoric cruise. 70% Sativa 30% indica is the perfect combination for me. Love it.

I suffer from a chronic illness along with depression which leaves me in pain and fatigue and unable to function daily tasks well. I am new to using medical marijuana and enjoyed using this strain because I felt uplifted but not too “stoned”. My SO said that I seemed “normal” and not out of it, which is important to me in using marijuana.

I am not a smoker I smoke once or twice a month and that’s a hit mabey two If I’m having a drink. Because of hearing this strain is very energetic and uplifting I decided to smoke almost half a joint myself. All I can say is that Im in love and just overall happy.

i got this strain mainly bc it was the best sativa at the dispensary i purchased at. thank god for that bc i fell in love with this strain. i have been very depressed, fatigue & unable to focus on my homework. this morning i started it off with the sunshine and now it’s 2:00p & i’ve accomplished more than i have the past 2 weeks!! highly recommend if you need a mood booster & help focusing!


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