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Sugar Plum from Stoney Girl Gardens is an award-winning sativa bred by crossing Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. With a tropical and earthy flavor, Sugar Plum produces hard-hitting and long-lasting cerebral effects. This strain is a good beginner grow, with a recommended flowering period of 35 days for indoor sugar plum online

We get very few Sativas in NJ. Got a qp of this (legit) and it quicky became one of my favs. I love the Sour and Haze familys, and the haze shines thru here. The batch i had smelled like berrys/plum/fruit. The smoke was a strong fruity taste similar to plum,thats over taken by the classic haze spicy/catpissy flavor at the end. The high is a strong euphoric ride that seems to last into the next day. You could be doing a task,hobby or sitting around staring at the wall, you will have a smile.No couchlock or drowsiness unless you smoke alot, and then dont smoke again for multiple hours.Not a great choice for before bed. But if thats all you have, take a nice size rip and give yourself 30mins n a snack, seems to switch into a sleepier high when in a darker enviroment aswell with no light/tv

Sativa dominant hybrid. 1st Place, 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Award Winner. Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and a Hawaiian Haze Plum. The flavor is complex the deep tropical flavor of the Haze Plum comes through first with the earthy Berkeley Blues bottom note clearly coming through the finish. Always throws several large, dense colas. Stores well and finishes fast. Tasty to vape, energizing effects

Amazing meds. My hip pain is gone (after two days of moderate pain) and I don’t have a headache (like most TBIers, I have chronic headache). Appetite is good for the first time in weeks. None of my typical cramps or nausea following meals. Mood is wonderful. Peaceful euphoria. Very relaxed, but clear-headed.


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