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Strawberry OG (not to be confused with OG Strawberry) is the product of a laborious search for stable strawberry flavor mixed against Bruce Banner’s exceptional structure, yield, and early flowering schedule. This hybrid, clone-only strain blends the upbeat sedation of SFV OG with Bruce Banner’s OG Kush body and Strawberry Diesel mind to create a hybrid wonder of physical and mental effects. Anticipate a euphoric and relaxing aura that does deter physical activity, but unleashes the mind, offering a spacey, creative tint to everyday strawberry og online

I grew this strain both indoor and out, and this is my experience. Growing indoor, it seems my pheno took on more the diesel characteristics. Very dense, sugary buds. Smells like you’re typical diesel variety, while the taste was more……minty or fuely kind of. Growing outdoor it was phenominal. For some reason, it kind of purpled up. Very,very dense buds covered in trichomes. You can definitely smell the strawberry, while the taste is still a bit on the fuely side on the inhale, a hint of strawberry on the exhale. The buzz is very euphoric for me, a little sativa-ish. Very stoney effects. I didn’t get hardcore munchies like others here have claimed, but it’s relaxing, seems to fight my anxiety pretty well. I would def recommend this one to others. If you’re a fan of the OG variety, you should definitely give this a try.

Really buzzed, energetic, happy high. Couldn’t stop laughing. Made my depression completely vanish for the first time in years. However, it made my anxiety act up and I couldn’t stop moving around or twitching.

While the OG lines tend to be my favorite, this girl is a stand out!! The Bruce Banner lineage is very present, in flavor and looks. The effect is very mellowing and killed my stress levels instantly after a couple hits. Highly recommended!!


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