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Strawberry Cheesecake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Chronic with White Widow and Cheese. Strawberry Cheesecake delivers effects that melt away physical pain while allowing the mind to soar with creative energy. This strain tastes like its namesake suggests – sweet and creamy with undertones of berry. Strawberry Shortcake features THC levels over 20%, and CBD levels of 2% or more. The combination makes this strain ideal for managing symptoms of depression and strawberry cheesecake online

So I just smoked a bowl of this magical chronic. While I was packing I cracked open a nug and a beautiful dank smell came out. This bud smells like a tasty desert. The taste is kind of a darker berry if that makes sense. It leaves a very tasty taste after you smoke it so after you smoke dont drink or eat anything and just enjoy the tasty after taste. The high is great right off the bat. I feel uplifted and it seems like my depression has disappeared, gone with the wind. Great choice!

This strain honestly surprised me. as someone who uses a sativa dominant hybrid during the day and a pure indica at night, I usually shy away from an indica during the day as the couch lock doesn’t allow for much to get done. Lol… however, this strain, is much different. I actually do not feel tired on strawberry cheesecake, it actually just relaxes you into a happy mood. I would highly recommend this strain for any one who suffers from depression or anxiety/ social anxiety. I noticed within a few minutes of vaping some of the delicious dab that my mood improved, the muscle tension eased up and I actually wanted to get all my stuff done. Yes, S.C. is a pure indica, but, don’t be surprised if your looking for a total couch lock. You may just be up chatting about how great life is……yah….It’s like that….lol


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