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Purple Skunk is an uplifting, sativa-dominant cross of Skunk #1 and an older purple strain. Its small to medium flowers will mature at 8 to 9 weeks and have a distinctive skunky smell and an earthy, almost wine-like taste. This strain leans heavily toward the active for a euphoric, cheerful buzz. Purple Skunk does have high THC levels, so it can be a bit intense for some patients when it comes to psychoactive purple skunk online

“Popping my strain review cherry” with Purple Skunk. This, after nearly 6 months of being a MMJ patient in AZ. I figured I needed to be a bit more knowledgeable about what worked best for my body before I started adding reviews. Overall, in my line of work, I am most productive when I can be relaxed and focused at the same time. I test sativas for this primarily and have found a few favs. Psk —Definitely will be added to my list of “go-to” strains for relaxed, working sessions. Loved the immediate relaxation of the strain with a slight haze, which let’s you know it’s a hybrid. However, my fingertips are relatively focused and flowing with these words. I took a hit from a very small bowl just prior to logging into my Leafly account. Since I’m largely reviewing “working session” strains, I figured it made sense to see if I could accomplish the task of posting my first review while under the influence of the strain. I’d say mission accomplished. 🙂 Try this strain if you like to have a relaxing but focused sesh — body feels good, not overly hazed and highly focused & task oriented. -Dasheeda The WeedHead, a rising Cannabis executive’s story

A true contender for “grand-champion” of most, if not all, strains. Very, very head-oriented, though the body does it’s best to catch up. And FAST. This strain tends to produce more psychedelic effects, which can be intense for the uninitiated. This is one of my favourite strains of all-time, as no matter what tolerance one has, this strain repeatedly puts MMJ patients in their place.


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