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Pink Panties is a cross of Burmese Kush and a Florida Kush backcross. It expresses dense, medium-sized buds that reek of tart and tangy citrus alongside a strong floral bouquet. This strain delivers a smooth smoking experience that is citrus-forward, but lightly herbal on the exhale. Consumers can find value in Pink Panties’ potent but functional sedation, which may help abate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pink panties online

One of the best strains I have had in a long time. Not only is it strong. But the taste of citrus and hints of flowery niceness. Almost has a sweetness to it as well. And some other herbal after favors that slowly creep in after exhale!. And the medical and even recreational effects are beyond amazing I would recommend this to anyone with pain issues because the pain relief of this strain is beyond oxycodone even. The mental state you enter is, of course, heavily dependant on your need and expectations. But if you go for it free ride and open. You will find a very amazing trippy type high. You are in control and having a blast. Enjoy this strain because I sure will. Take me away pink panties! OFF TO FANTASYLAND!.

By far an awesome strain. I’ve recently had surgery and have severe pain. I was prescribed oxycodone which did not work at all. This strain is great for pain! I also suffer from migraines which this strain takes away all the pain quickly! It surpasses high powered pain killers! That’s a winner!

This is an amazing smoke. A little goes a long way in regards to high you are trying to get. I’d give this too thumbs up right now, but it seems like a lot of work. I am also totally pain free for the first time in days! I will be buying more ASAP!


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