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This 70% sativa hybrid is thought to be a cross between Pineapple Express and an unknown OG Kush hybrid, and is probably only available on the West Coast. As a relatively rare find, the cannabinoid content of Pineapple OG is unclear, but both parent strains are known for their potency, so expect this one to be pretty strong. Smoke reports mention a sweet-spicy pineapple flavor and odors of lemon, pine and fuel, and Pineapple OG is said to provide an upbeat, cerebral high with a decent body pineapple og online

I am getting off of the fentanyl patches and going to use medical marijuana for the pain that is 8+ all the time. I have been using this strain with a vapor pen and I am getting a lot of pain relief and virtually no problems. I am able to walk and talk better after my stroke ( caused by the fentanyl build up in my blood). I have a spinal cord disease that is deteriorating my spine and after many surgeries to stabilize my spine I am in a lot of pain. I wish that this was legal when this all started. I highly recommend this strain and don’t be afraid to use it as much as you need, because it just gets better. I don’t recommend it for sleep hours as it has given me weird dreams if I can sleep. Take last dose several hours before bed. I am going to get a strain that will help with sleep. I have never used marijuana before, but I have been very happy with the effects and the relief.

P.A.O.G. is smooth, sweet, with a pleasant view of Orange/Brown hairs. The texture is a condense chunky feel and look. The smell is citrus, tropic, pineapple, diesel infused and it’s bold like smelling bold coffee. The high is a full head to body head with a high sativa effect that’ll keep you going in a smooth way without feeling heavy. My focus was sharp, my body felt relaxed yet I did not feel lazy just chill. My level of stress dwindled down dramatically, my Extreme PTSD was highly controllable and acknowledged at the same time. even though it can push a person though fatigue it can also help you go to sleep if someone to get good rest add just lay down. This strain isn’t hard on the lungs either which is a big plus also. Overall, I give this strain 5 stars because it is honestly one of the most well rounded sativa/hybrids out there. Enjoy what the earth naturally provides for various things.


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