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Peyote Cookies by Barney’s Farm was created by crossing Peyote Purple and Barney’s famous Cookies Kush. It was developed through a detailed selection and back-crossing process that helped isolate the very best qualities of both parent strains, resulting in a vigorous hybrid flower that is easy to grow and pleasurable to consume. The flowering plant displays a dazzling ruby red and purple complexion coupled with delicious flavors of guava, vanilla, coffee, and earth. This strain is also mold and mildew-resistant and grows superbly indoors or peyote cookies online

Took three hits to a light brown on the herb in the evening. Was feeling relaxed with good pain relief and my mind was at ease. Before bed I took two more hits to a dark brown on the herb and had some interesting experiences. Incredibly hallucinogenic as I was falling asleep, I had an experience where all of the sounds in my environment (fan, TV, running water) started to come together and it was as if I could feel the vibrations. Following that my mind went through a bunch of positive memories from the past and my body felt like it was just bursting with positive energy. This is completely unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and while I wouldn’t use it every night (all of these hallucinations kept me up for a bit), I will definitely enjoy this one on occasion where I want to do some spiritual searching.

District Cookies (aka Peyote Cookies). THC = 20.2%. Rough cut in a King Palm mini. Smooth smoke. Fruity-ish central palette. Central head pressure into some mild paranoia. Was that a raccoon sneaking up behind me? Depth perception faded and eye stutter like Amnesia Haze and then out of nowhere I was very aware of every face muscle which promptly froze. I was locked in. That was abrupt. Tried talking to the Mrs but my sense of time was gone. It was work to talk with no sense of time. Giggles set in. Muscles tensed and then entered a deep relaxation. Walking to bed was work. Balance was lacking and walking like an old man was funny. Then I almost killed myself with the electric toothbrush. Couldn’t figure out how to move it in my mouth and it was vibrating my entire head. The vibrations were insane. Dont ever use one while on Pey. Closing my eyes sent me on a journey which didnt help get the toothbrush out of my mouth. Trippy. Laughing through the event didnt help either and then I couldn’t figure out how to spit. I’m lucky to be alive and still married. In bed I would go on a trip to waking up and telling a story. “Dear just want to let you know your mother did not audibly fart when she visited this afternoon.” I was cracking myself up. Muscles would tense then feel like they were floating. Back on a slide down a blue tube. No clue how long i was up for. Sense of time was gone. Then I slept. Day after has been slow. Pain in my shoulder (knife stabbing level) dissipated and then was gone. It would have been a 4 advil night but Pey took care of it. Day after it is still good. So thumbs up for pain relief but this is a project that requires planning. Brush teeth before not after. Thc 20.2% is one of the lower my dispensary has so I was not expecting this hard of a hit. The plant impressed. 4 stars because it almost killed me.



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