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OG Cheese by GreenLabel Seeds is a sour-smelling hybrid that crosses a potent OG Skunk #1 with the resinous indica Afghani. Together, these two parent a powerfully euphoric strain with a funky aroma somewhat similar to that of cheese. OG Cheese’s dreamy, intoxicating buzz makes it a popular strain for recreational consumers, but commercial growers also cherish this strain for its short flowering cycle and heavy yields. Indoors, OG Cheese finishes flowering in 50 to 60 days while outdoor plants are ready to harvest by og cheese online

Alright, OG cheese is one for the books. It has an earthy taste with an amazing after taste. But some downfalls are the possibility of sore throat, the munchies, blurred vision (may or may not be a negative depending on who you are), and on rare occasions it can cause a headache, dry mouth, and even paranoia. There are positives though! This strain will make you giggly, peaceful, and can even help with foot pain, neck pain, and as a muscle relaxer! Although negatives are a factor…THE OVER ALL HIGH ITSELF IS WORTH IT ALL!!! You become ingenuitive and creative beyond typical means. It is wonderful! Ideas will spawn out of what seems to be thin air! I recommend this strain to anyone who has an open mind for all things and who seeks a creative aspect for their creative minds.

I generally like to smoke new strains without consulting Leafly, and then going on during/after my high and seeing how well that lines up with my high. With OG Cheese, my results were generally the opposite of what some here are reporting. My experience was very energetic, and very creative. Sadly, I picked up less than I should’ve. I picked up a gram of this, and 3.5 grams of SFV OG. The OG Cheese on its own was phenomenal. But when I packed a bowl of SFV OG, topped with the remnant flakes of the Cheese, it was heavenly. I smoked half the bowl before I had to leave, and it kept me medicated for well over 4 hours. That could also be because I hadn’t smoked in a few days before then. All in all, OG Cheese is an amazing strain. It’s definitely something I’ll be picking up whenever I see it again. Hopefully soon. Stay Lifted, Stay Medicated -xGains


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