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Monster Cookies is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Granddaddy Purple. This strain delivers effects that feel like a jarring dose of euphoria and relaxation. Monster Cookies features an aroma dominated by earthy notes and enriched by a grape and berry scent. Growers say this strain features hues of purple and green woven together under a silver blanket of crystal trichomes. Medical marijuana patients choose Monster Cookies to help relieve symptoms assocated with stress and monster cookies online

One look at Monster Cookies and you will see nothing but, trichomes the structure is as dense as the Kowloon walled city once was and the buds are a darker color green accompanied by hues of purple and dark orange pistils the smell of Monster cookies is reminiscent of Grand Daddy Purp which was surprising because, the smell OG Kush is more dominant in other strains I have smoked previously such as Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. The taste also resembles that of Grand Daddy Purp with a hint grape which I would compare to welch’s frozen grape juice that had been watered down to the point the grape juice had turned pink there is a hint of OG Kush in the taste as well which is certainly not as overpowering as some strains but, you can tell it is present especially in the aftertaste which I would describe as salty the high was very relaxing but, not overpowering in my case. I could feel the effects throughout my body as I felt the tension in my muscles melt away as well as throughout my head I was in a mildly euphoric state which was coupled with a rush of creative energy that put me two pages into a paper I had been thinking of writing for some time. This is certainly a strain for someone of experience and is strongly recommended to be taken at night or on day when you have nothing to do period.



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