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Mendocino Purps, or Mendo Purps, or even just The Purps, comes out of Mendocino County in Northern California. Winning one of the Top Ten slots in High Times’ Strains of the Year in 2007, Mendocino Purps began as a clone-only plant, but BC Bud Depot developed a stable cross to make The Purps seeds available. This cannabis strain grows well both in and outdoors. It can grow 3-4 feet at harvest indoors and 6-8 feet outdoors. Flowering time for this strain is 8-9 weeks. It has medium-thick leaves and green hues that turn more purple as the plant ripens. The taste has been likened to a caramel coffee and woodsy pine. buy mendocino purps online

Mendocino Purps are a must have for your medicinal usage. All collectives and dispensaries and caregivers should have Mendo Purps in stock. It’s an excellent medicine for pain, stress, depression, nausea; and eating dis-orders. Vaporizer friendly and clean potent Uplifting behind the eyes Body pain relief anti inflammatory; Euphoria felt strongly like GDP. This Hybrid is excellent for Chemotherapy patients and those who Suffer with pain and depression.

Migraine pain 5; nausea 6 when I medicated round 1530 or so. Takes botu 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (an absolute must for me). Body high allowed me to eat a late lunch & kick @$$ cleanin house! Head high uplifting as I’ve been down today. Strong but even & not overwhelming. High lasted 3 + hour which was very nice! I’d highly recommend for daytime/after work use for pain/nausea/anxiety! Figures I did well with meds that came from Cali! 🙂

OMG. This is potent. Great strain, very purple. Flowery and grape in flavor, Mendo Purps taste like a Double Grandaddy Purps with hint of Grape. By far, this is one of my FAVORITE purple strains. It is Heavily Indica Dominant, and a Heavy smoke. This would knock most out. For me, It’s how I love to start my day.


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