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Malawi Gold is a legendary landrace strain that has grown naturally in Malawi for generations. Its morphology remains consistent, uniform, and adaptable to its native climate. Malawi Gold grows tall plants with long, resin-caked buds that express a low calyx-to-leaf ratio. This strain offers an enticing floral aroma with latent fragrances of herbs and earth. If you are lucky enough to encounter this mythic bud, cherish its potent and invigorating effects, as you are consuming one of the surviving ancestors of modern malawi gold online

Sativa : Malawi Gold Source : local dealer in Cape Town Amount : 3 grams Look : long buds , medium density , light brown and golden . Smell : tropical and citrus . Inhalation: smooth Mood : buzzing , clear headed , energetic , talkative elevated , social , psychedelic , long lasting . Good for : daytime ,out and about , fatigue , depression , creating , organising . . Personal note : this mythical strain as they call it reminds you of somethings that you flare familiar with but don’t know exactly what is it . An old place you’ve been to , a song that takes you somewhere. You rarely get such a clear sativa with such a high psychedelic effect . It’s wonderful like the sunrise.

Known for it’s huge buds and psychedelic trip, this pure sativa landrace as delicious as I find it, is not a strain you choose for taste. A true example of weed with no sedative properties. Like most African sativas it is a strain perfect for focus and productivity if consumed with restraint. All fans of the cannabinoid THCV look no further. Users prone to paranoia beware.

Was lucky enough to try the real strain. Amazing sativa high. Colors seemed much brighter. Definitely would recommend a daytime smoke. A walk or skate in the park is always nice. If you ever get a chance to try this, get as much as you can, it’s a once in a lifetime strain


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