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Lemon Bubble from Pheno Finder Seeds is an award-winning strain that combines Super Lemon Haze with Silver Bubble to create a potent sativa that is applauded for its emphasis on flavor. Recently, Lemon Bubble took 3rd place in the Sativa Cup at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. Its citrus flavors are highlighted by sweet lemons and finish with an earthy Haze undertone to produce happy thoughts and a soothing sense of lemon bubble online

Talkative, social, physically relaxed buzz, somewhat focused. Easily fascinated by things on the internet. Non appetite stimulating. Nice and uplifting, without being overpowering. Moderately helpful for intestinal pain/cramping. Definitely will look for in the dispensaries again.

Absolutely wonderful, powerfully potent strain. Only a very small amount is needed to feel the immediate, sublime effects that continue to build for the duration (several hours!) It will uplift you from any crappy mood, making it wonderful for depression. Its cerebral & physical effects are very powerful, lots of feeling wavy, tingly and melty. It’s incredibly euphoric, and brings on the giggles in a pleasant way. Also very arousing, great to have before getting it on! Incredible stuff, aptly named for its bitter, yet delectable lemon taste and its effects. A++++

Really nice strain to relax with smoking with friends. Starts off energetic and then goes into a relaxing high. When I hit this with a bong it hit me like a truck and got me instantly stoned. The flavour was a lot of lemon. Very paranoid at times. Wouldn’t recommend to a first time smoker.

I ❤️this sativa!! There has been only 2 sativas that I have enjoyed and this is it!! Lemony taste and the buds were quite small. Started out energizing me and then about 30 mins later it turns you into a couch potato. The chair or couch calls your name and you Have to sit!! Lol I would smoke this with a friend or two and enjoy even more by watching a program. Lovely feeling and takes away all my sore muscles. Does give a dry mouth.


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