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LA Cake is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GG4 with LA Kush. This strain produces sedating and relaxing effects. LA Cake features flavors like diesel and pine with undertones that smell sour and earthy. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help reduce la cake online

Loved this strain and it’s nice frosty look. It has a unique smell to it like a sweet/earthy OG. The nugs are really dense and break up to a nice amount but my favorite part is the high it gives a nice mental/physical relaxation. If you havent tried it i recommend you pick this 1 up and see for yourself. #🔥buy la cake online

First, a brief biography, so that you may know that I am giving an assessment based upon many years of experience; then an honest review: * I have been using cannabis consistently since 1967. I have been involved with the Southern California cannabis scene for a long time; since it’s first wondrous discovery that the non-pollinated female plants yielded the seedless, highly potent flowers, that some of us called “Avocado’s”, because they grew amongst the avocado orchards in San Diego’s inland areas, (which are long gone…houses and shopping malls now). I was fortunate enough to know some guys that were growers, and I’ve seen cannabis plants that were 12′ to 15′ feet tall growing between avocado trees, back in the early 70’s. They let them grow to be trees. I’ve seen these giant plants right before harvest, and the top buds were so big, that the plants were bent over almost touching the ground. When dried, these top buds were the size of a football, and I vividly remember being gifted with one we called, “The Duke”, in honor of the official football of the NFL. It was a huge purple bud, that I kept in a big Tupperware container and brought it out to share and show off when “special” guests came over. Anyway, I give my credentials so that you know I’ve smoked the best for a long time, and will give you my perspective honestly, for your investment of time to read this is important, and I recognize this fact. * I follow these procedures when I write a review: 1.) I grind up the buds, and roll my own joint. 2.) I smoke 1/2 of the joint 3.) I wait 20 minutes for effects to affect 4.) Write honest assessment * LA CAKE is Five Star cannabis. I am a person who requires a very strong dosage of THC in the strains that I smoke, for a number of reasons, not the least of which, is the fact that I smoke quite a bit of this, “Gift from God”, and thus my tolerance is high, but also I’ve some medical issues that are helped significantly by this wondrous plant. LA CAKE delivers an immediate blast of THC, and this might scare off those who are new to the HERB, so be careful if you’re just starting out in this new Universe, but for a guy like me, who likes a swift kick to the head, LA CAKE delivers that KICK, and then some. I detect the GORILLA GLUE #4 in it’s parentage, for after smoking 1/2 of a joint, 20 minutes ago, I am pleasantly planted into my recliner. But I’m a, “Thinking Plant”, a “Human Plant”; a man that is, “One With His Recliner”, and thinking positive about Life at this moment…courtesy of LA CAKE. LA CAKE will set you back in your chair, too, so be prepared, but it’s a fine ride. It starts out with a swift THC knock, knock, knocking, after the first hit; right between the eyes, and after a 1/2 joint, I was quite stoned, and honestly, that was the Mission, this Saturday morning, April 27th, 2019. Nothing to do but give you a little honest review, and perhaps a glimpse of something entertaining and real. Don’t be thinking about driving after a 1/2 a joint of LA CAKE. Give it some time. “Hank, Get your ass outa’ the bulldozer…you’ll KILL YOURSELF!” It’s been approximately 1 hour since LIFTOFF, and I’m settled into a very fine, creative mindset. LA CAKE is good herb. I really didn’t detect an overwhelming taste or odor from the buds, not a distinct, “Oh Yeah, that’s Jack Herrer; or a strong Purple strain, or a strong OG”, but the effects are quite stunning. GORILLA GLUE #4 is one of my favorite strains, so when I look at a strain to purchase, (I usually buy in 1/2 ounce or larger, if deal is good), I look at it’s lineage, and if GORILLA GLUE #4 is Momma or Dada, my interest is peaked. The merger of LA KUSH and GORILLA GLUE#4, to produce, “LA CAKE”, is a fine thing, indeed. Relaxing; thought provoking; positive and alert, the effects of LA CAKE, outweigh its deficiencies in the taste department. If you want some taste in your joint or pipeload, mix some LA CAKE with a little Purple variety, or even a tasty Sativa,(Sativa’s seem to have the “Taste” category dominated, at least in my book), but if you’re flying LA CAKE solo, be prepared for an immediate rush, a settling back period, then a very nice ride into the depths of your la cake online


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