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Kandy Kush is a favorite of DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line that combines two California classics, OG Kush (thought to be the “Christopher Wallace” cut) and Trainwreck, to make a tasty indica-dominant hybrid (although sativa phenotypes displaying more of the Trainwreck structure have been noted). Like the name suggests, the flavor is sweet like candy with a strong lemon-Kush scent. Popular with medicinal growers, Kandy Kush provides a potent body high with pronounced pain kandy kush online

Quick onset. Real vivid imagery that’s intense and compelling. What a SUPERB high! Everything feels so damn good. Super gelling vibe that’s ridiculously chill and lets you just ENJOY LIFE! There’s lots of love and genuine compassion towards everything…super rasta, man. Very cheery and actively engaged. Amazingly happy and genuine…heartfelt. Mentally present and capable, but you can get lost in stuff. Strangely just ok for movies. Quite emotional and sensitive in a good way. Surprisingly awake! Physically, it feels like your getting a perpetual shoulder massage. Real squirmy feel-good. Such a noticeable, excellent body high. Settles you deep in a soft, pillowy space. Touch has a tingling, scintillating feel that evokes a strong emotional reaction.

I normally have to take ibuprofen no matter what type of headache. I just had one and smoked KK… No more headache. I feel creative, which is extremely strange, and comfortable in public versus being paranoid. I’m 1/2 way thru a medium blunt now and am thinking of things to do… I’m ready to share this with my bf and see what his opinion is. 💚💚
Just tried Kandy Kush right now. It’s rightfully named because it tastes and smells slightly sweet. The smoke was pretty smooth and the high is fast acting. Very nice comfortable buzzing body high. I feel very euphoric, uplifted, and oddly enough, both slightly focused and sedated at the same time. This is a pretty unique high, but I am really enjoying it. I’m losing track of time quite easy right now. It makes your head feel pretty heavy, and you can feel the high in your face and behind your eyes. Oh and I forgot to mention, I feel very relaxed and anxious free. It’s making me a little tired so this is def more of a evening or night strain. This strain is awesome. I rate this a solid 4,5 stars.


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