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Jillybean is a hybrid marijuana strain bred by crossing Orange Velvet and Space Queen. This strain promotes creativity and produces euphoric, uplifting effects. The flavor of Jillybean tastes like tangy oranges and mango. Jillybean is the ideal strain for social butterflies and anyone looking to add extra happiness to their day. buy jillybean online

0.3 G in a vape. And after you finish the bowl. You start to feel a very sativa dominant effect. Uplifting, energetic, and happy emotions. As it begins to peak the sativa side starts fading out into a very strong indica side. All you want to-do is sleep or lay down. It crashes you down swiftly but gentle to an extent. It’s hard to really explain. It’s not like O.G. Kush how it crashs you down. But it’s decent enough if you suffer from insomnia after your mood elevation. But mind you vaping is much different than smoking. 0.3 G in a vape is like smoking 0.6 G or so. Atleast from my own personal results from smoking similiar strains. Due to tolerance aswell, but I notice smoking new phenotypes kind of lower my tolerance rating. If I were to smoke a joint I would roll it about half a gram to 0.8 G. However with vaping all I need is about 0.25 to 0.3 G for a single dose session. And usually the samples are of “fire/dank/high grade” quality. Very keify samples. Properly cured and dried. Plus temps effect what cannabinoids you get, I put it at a higher temp to extract the CBD, if I set it to low temp to only extract THC, than I would have been only left with a sativa dominant side. I would say toking a nice J of this would be very uplifting to chill. Vaping atleast close to half a gram is an experience which will lead you to want to get out. But once you hit the peaking plateau you will wanna crash down and just chill out on the couch or a bed. Drowsiness occurs. I did experience a subtle paranoia effect. Yet I have vaped OG Kush and experienced slight paranoia in the first plateua, However this subtle paranoia was manageable. It wasn’t “true” paranoia. More like I got caught off guard on how sativa dominant this bud starts off with. Another thing to keep in mind this bud is more likely a creeper, plus vaping brings out the heady side of herbs. But still higher temps = CBD (cannabinoid that promotes body pain relief / relaxant effects of THC). This bud has a very strong indica dominant side, but like I said for me it started off on the sativa side. I also heard this bud is 70/30 (indica/sativa ratio). That can explain why it was so strong on the indica side, once it crept up. But the thing about this sample of this herb, it was very fluffy and foxtailed kind of like some Jack Herer stuff or some mexican sativa herb. At first this stuff kind of seems like your average hybrid. But it’s interesting at different dosages. Hash oil of this stuff would be straight killer. This stuff ain’t OG Kush (Ocean Grown) it isn’t bad, it serves a purpose. It wasn’t overwhelming. It has an orange musky smell. Of course the “orange” musky smell is from the… Orange Velvet Skunk that’s in the mix. It’s a cross of Orange Velvet Skunk x Space Queen. I have no clue what pheno is the orange velvet skunk. But alot of skunk phenotypes seem to stem from skunk #1 like UK Cheese and other phenotypes. Supposedly the strain is suppose to taste or smell like Orange and Mangos or citrusy, I can say this it smelled like some orange musky skunk. But not so much like skunk just a musky like orange. Maybe close to a rotten orange ?


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