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Green Lantern is a mostly sativa strain whose undocumented history poses frustrations for genetic enthusiasts. While some rumors mark the 1960s as Green Lantern’s beginning, others tell us that Green Lantern is a newer strain that resulted from crossing Green Crack and White Rhino. Whatever its parentage may be, Green Lantern inherits mellow euphoric effects and a peppery pine aroma comparable to that of Jack Herer. Its aroma suggests the presence of caryophyllene and pinene, which are terpenes that fight inflammation and promote green lantern online

The Green Lantern surely sticks to its name, saving your lame ass and making you a goddamn hero. This really brought the most positive and creative side of me that lasts for hours. The effects come upon you pretty lightly and took about 25 mins to kick in. Effects may vary. I did a lot of introspective soul searching which is why I have such a positive attitude with and without this strain, but it was definitely because of it.

It has a bold piney/citrus/sweet scent and flavor(pretty epic) whilst delivering a massive blow to the head and body; Very good sativa. It also has an inkling of a butteriness to it when smoked. The fragrance outperforms the flavor, but not the high…not by a longshot… Notable for the hazy long-lasting full-body buzz, being incredibly smooth, great taste and smell, an instant classic!!! Uplifts the mood and brings oneself into a state of transparent bliss… The notoriously tasty Green crack+White Rhino(White Widow+piney/fruity(probably)indica)=Excellent Strain!!! There are dreamy vibes to the high. This is what Mirkwood Archers would smoke, I think. Puts oneself into a reflective trance of sorts…definitely. Time seems to slow down with this one oftentimes…yet fly away simultaneously. It’s a pretty cool trip, there is a very strong haze feel from the high, that part lasts the longest. I find it’s useful for stress management and focusing hard onto whatever it is you’re doing atm. While I feel like time slows down lots it doesn’t slow me down any(hence a focusing agent). It’s a cool effect; Very unique buzz to it, I’ve never smoked this smooth of a strain whilst it being so awesome of a high. Perfect strain for solving any problem or puzzles, mental tasks especially…or just getting faded and chilling for the day/night… One of my new top favorites, hard to be pissed off on this strain!!! Would be perfect for anger management. Have to try this strain if you can. Great for wandering…


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