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Gelato Cake is a potent indica-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing the creamy berry of Gelato #33 and the vanilla frosting of Wedding Cake. Part of the Cookie strain family, Gelato Cake is very popular across North America and beyond. Consumers should know that Gelato Cake is potent and is best for experienced users. Gelato Cake is known to cause full-body sedation which can last up to a few hours, so it’s best to enjoy this strain before bed or during a relaxing night at home watching movies. Medical patients choose Gelato Cake for stimulating appetite and relieving stiffness, pain and stress. Growers choose to grow Gelato Cake for its creamy, berry, gassy and vanilla frosting aromas. Gelato Cake can be grown indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of 8-9 gelato cake online

ound this strain in two separate dispensaries in Co, one in Trinidad the other in Salida (3D). In Trinidad it was priced high at 15/g, in Salida it was only 20/eighth. In Trinidad it was a “vault” flower and entirely purple having the best bag appeal in the shop with small flakes of green and bright orange pistils alike it’s cookie/cake relatives and its gelato linage. In Salida it was a little less purple but still incredibly distinct. It has this very pungent wood locker room musk aroma a lot like those that can be seen from its distant GSC lineage but it’s also intensely sweet from the wedding cake parent as well. It’s a unique and intriguing aroma for anyone who likes a little funk to their pallets

This strain is amazing and super helpful for when I have anxiety. I felt like I was more productive, less distracted, and overall could manage my pain better steadily through out the day.

Beautiful.. , the potency, the colors, the crystals, .. & the high!!! I am ridiculously high off just a .8gs of a J!! burns well and reallyyy Superrrr Keifyyy you’ll notice when you start to break down 😅🙌🏽🔥


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