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French Cookies is a rare sativa marijuana strain and is a variety of Platinum Cookies. This strain produces effects that are energizing and focused. French Cookies features a creamy, cookie flavor with just a hint of spice. The aroma of this strain smells like a classic cookies strain, which you’ll recognize immediately upon opening your haul. French Cookies has minty green and purple nugs that are covered in trichomes. Because this is such a rare strain, be sure to appreciate if you are lucky enough to find this gem at your french cookies online

This strain is definitely probably the best sativa I have ever had. The closest I’ve ever come to it is, first, Light of Jah followed by Durban Poison and Jet Fuel (out of CO). The high is Divine. At the right dose the clarity of mind it facilitates and the ease of settling deeper into a state of what I call “aware mindfulness”; being mindful without effort. It’s like something that the mind is being focused on that is out of focus at the same time. It’s paradoxical. I often do not like sativa’s because they tend to give me a bit of anxiety, especially at higher doses, for instance with Chemdawg. I get a little too euphoric and a somewhat overwhelmed. My mind can also race. Because I have a bit of Mania that’s not good either. A creative drive sometimes happens at times but the other challenging factors compete and often overwhelm it. With the right dose I feel that less although sometimes my thoughts still race. Take all that away and leave what we all love about sativa and you have this strain in spades. Almost all head but just bliss up there man. Savy?

My cat ate 2 grams of this Red Headed Stranger, after 2 hours of continuous loud meowing and heaving followed by another hour of urinating all over my leather couches and my coffee table, he finally curled up into a coma for the next 48 hours. Moments later realized I didn’t own a cat and it was just me tripping acid. – great weed tho. 5 stars


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