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El Jefe is a potent indica marijuana strain made by crossing Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1. This strain delivers a powerful and relaxing high that you can feel throughout your mind and body. El Jefe offers an earthy, lemon aroma with undertones of spice. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms assocated with el jefe online

Wow. Very strong, relaxing and sedating. Closed eye visuals with music. EXCELLENT PAIN RELIEF! I am really impressed! So sticky it gummed up my grinder. Very pungent, tasty, took a long time to fully vape a bowl. Dense- It looked quite small and compact. Went back for another bag the next day, because it will be gone fast.! I never give 5 stars, but this is so good and I could not give a 4.75.

El Jefe (OG). High rushes on and continues to expand. There’s a streak of razor coolness and stable confidence that makes you feel in charge, yet easy going. Pretty bad-ass. I say streak because the majority of your mental space is erased, leaving you floating on euphorically tropical waters. It really does wipe your ability to concentrate. Your thought process just instantly evaporates, leaving you in a mindless stupor until you remember what it was you were doing again. Phew, do not attempt anything that requires concentration. Mindless tasks are fun though. I was going to say there’s a caffeinated energy to it, but the harmonious degree of both physical and emotional lift is more akin to LSD. Stream of tingly feels surging from your core. Music is absolutely astounding. The way it envelopes, each note manipulating your emotions at an affecting level. Listening is addictive and just so entertaining. The impact is often mind-blowing in the most impressive way. That’s the aspect I look for most…my holy grail of highs (of which Bubba Kush first gave taste). You honestly could not do better for a live concert, holy shit. It would be a life-changing, spiritual experience like you get with shrooms. The solid, euphoric emotional state combined with sensory accentuation and hallucinogenic tripping out.


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