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Also known as P.O. 4, Deep Sleep is a cross of the Larry OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush from North Hollywood breeders Progressive Options. This indica-dominant hybrid is quite aptly named, as it quickly reduces users to a puddle of sleepy relaxation. The flavor of Deep Sleep is very sweet and fruity on the inhale with a nice OG funk on the exhale. Fans of OG Kush will love these thick, resinous, purple-tinted deep sleep online

Let me just preface this review by saying that I have steel-grade insomnia, and at my worst, I stayed up for five nights in a row because I was in such a bad sleep cycle. I’ve been prescribed a laundry list of sleep medications that either don’t work or have really unpleasant side-effects. When I moved to California, I immediately got a medical card and started trying out different Indica strains for helping me sleep. Of all the ones I’ve tried, this strain has been a miracle worker…I take a few hits and it has me drifting off, and I sleep through the night. If you have insomnia, definitely try this strain!
Picked up 3.5g of this at Kind Meds in Mesa… Wow, so good! I asked for something to help with sleep and boy this stuff is amazing. One of the best indicas for sleep I’ve tried.. It just knocks me out. In about 10 minutes it changes me from a ball of anxiety to a gooey human shaped ball laying on its gummi back in bed.. Tired and smiling. Not only does it help with sleeping, but it is awesome for general aches, pains, and anxiety. Don’t plan on doing much after medicating with this!
Well first off I lit this bad boi up with a pre-roll. Walked around a bit, and found myself in the garage sitting in my car listing to some talk radio. Then finally realizing that I’m in the garage, it opens. My brother walks in sees me and waves. I wave back. Then he pushes the button to close garage door and walks in the house. That’s Deep. Significance I found, that the little things are to important.


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