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Deadhead OG is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdog 91 with SFV OG Kush. The result is a hearty and pungent strain that smells piney and earthy. The effects of Deadhead OG are cerebral and stimulating but with a relaxing body feel. Growers say this strain has an average flowering time of 63 deadhead og online

This is a fun strain to consume in casual situations with friends, but in my experience would prefer not to use when work is needed to be done or focus is required. The effects I felt were an elevated mood, mild-to-strong body tingles and pain replacement (where any mild ache is replaced by a more enjoyable tingling sensation), and a classic, spacey head high. When conversing with others there was a tendency during the peak of the high to train wreck a story or forget the point being made. The high I got, from two big hits using a Mobius Ion Matrix Bubbler, lasted around two hours. My experience level is 16+ years of using MJ.

Very fruity flower tasting musky a little Skunky, the strain is really great if you’re looking for a not so overpowering had a not so overpowering body this is good for a lot of energetic more creative mind inducing. I would say there is a little bit of pain relief but mostly it’s all mental deadhead is really good for getting out of the house and just uplifting your mood. This strain is different from the ones I’ve tried this dispensary has more energetic version of this strain. It’s also a focus her with some spacy-ness. I would recommend this for people who have mood disorders ADHD depression stress and pain.

Deadhead OG with emphasis on “OG.” Rated five stars for its stimulating energy burst, and a slow to develop body relaxation. Deadhead is fast acting, and the OG doesn’t defer too long before relaxation begins. I recommend this strain for late afternoon pick-me-ups, post-workout relaxation, stretching or yoga. I’ve experienced that when it comes to this strain, a little goes a long way. Enjoy!


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