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Cookie Dawg is a combination of two great flavors—GSC and the legendary strain Chemdog (aka Chemdawg). Cookie Dawg is an indica-dominant cultivar that’s high in THC, producing intense relaxation in some consumers, followed by sedation and appetite; it’s for veteran tokers. Cookie Dawg has a complex, savory aroma combining the complex sweet, toasted smell and taste of Cookies, with the biting, chemical pineyness of Chemdog. This scrumptious strain is savory, with a chemmy fuel finish. Many growers have sought to combine the much-hyped Cookies and Chemdog, so look out for name variants like Dawg Cookie, and Dog Cookies, as well as offspring like Lemon Dog Cookies, Purple Cookie Dawg, and Watermelon Cookie Dawg. Woof!buy cookies dawg online

Wow. What a smoke this is, This feels so euphoric, all my senses are incredibly heightened rn. Can you tell I’m high? Idk man maybe. I’m so chilled too, low key wanna put music on caught it sounds so good like this. Highly recommend you could say.

20/10 straight pukkas. Picked up an eighth from bossman absolutely stinks that’s when I knew it was that good good. Got home tooted a bong and I’m sooo baked. Buds covered in terps defo the best UK dawg about. Would recommend to all apart from kids because they would be en route for a fat whitey. Gonna go play cod now while I’m baked out my head anyway. 20/10 defo get some

Delicious smoke, you definitely appreciate the cookie aftertaste when you’ve got no money for food since you spent it all on your guys new “fire smoke”. It satiated me enough, try it

Brand- The High Road Terpenes- .23% caryophyllene, .22% limo ene, .19% myrcene Hybrid- 90% indica 10% sativa

Amazing strain, indica dominant good taste strong aroma, definitely taste the Chem dawg turps

This strain is absolutely the most euphoric strain i have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. That’s it. That’s the review.


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