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Cloud 9 began as a collaboration between Kiwiseeds and Dampkring Classics as an attempt to stabilize the classic clone-only strain NYC Diesel. By adding the genetics of the indica hybrid Milky Way, Cloud 9 was created. The best phenotypes are longer flowering than the original, but possess amazing flavors and potency. Take note not to confuse this hybrid with Dinafem’s Cloud cloud 9 online

I have been using marijuana to help manage my major depression (among other things) for a couple years now. I came across Cloud 9 just like any other strain. It’s what my dealer had. Until I tried Cloud 9 I was more than happy with the marijuana I was getting. This strain showed me what it is to truly live without depression looming over my head. It was as if God Himself put this here for me personally. Every time I took a puff it was as if I could see the dark cloud of depression being overtaken and assimilated into this perfect aura of relief. This strain HAD to have been created for me. There is no other way for me to describe how it makes me feel. This strain proves there is a God. And yes he does care about me.

Great strain! I was with a friend and smoked a bowl of this strain with a little kief from my old strain blue cheese out of their bubbler. And it was great we were both so happy and just laughing at everything. But we were in public so I would get super parinoid about ever single sound (I was in the woods partly) and for some reason my jaw would just drop every time and for some reason it was so funny for me I would laugh really hard every time I did it. Also I don’t know if it was the blue cheese sleepy-ness or the relaxation of the cloud 9 but I had really bad dry mouth to the point where there is white foam in my mouth and kind of hard to open and I never even noticed. Even with this paragraph no amount of words could explain how amazing this strain is.


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