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Candy Jack is a mostly sativa strain that provides a swift boost to your mood alongside a sweet, citrus aroma. The fragrant smell is inherited from its Skunk #1 parent, while creative and focused effects stem from the Jack Herer side of the family. While its complex terpene profile may impress even the most hardened connoisseur, patients typically appreciate Candy Jack’s ability to counter stress, depression, and appetite loss. With a few Cannabis Cup wins already under its belt, Candy Jack’s potency, flavor, and effects have won this sativa a sterling reputation in the cannabis world. buy candy jack online

“I’m on it right now” and I Love it……feels good man. Very positive,uplifting and I’m not concerned with my pain.I can still feel the pain,but it’s not important. I’ve had a pretty crazy day and being all stressed out and in pain,this Juicy Jack washed it away. I’m happy, I love my life and there’s no where else I’d ratherbe,then being me,right here right now.AURYTE!

This is HANDS DOWN my favorite day time high. In my year long search thus far for my perfect daytime strain this has given me I would say 90% of what I have been looking for. I’m very FOCUSED, CREATIVE, and all around stoked after a good bowl which takes some time to smoke considering its density. Its only missing that ENERGETIC kick that you get from Green Crack with the accompanying slow down in time. Your no slouch, but time does speed up bit and your not as productive. You don’t get lost and can stay relatively focused on complex tasks as long as I’m interested in doing them. I found my self with a vacuum the other day 🙂 Wife likes that 😉

Selected from a sweet tasting Jack Herer phenotype, this example is one of the most uplifting and stress relieving strains on the market today. A super satisfying aroma along with a taste that is really desirable make it a winner for any sativa fan out there. I purchased my Candy from Lifted Health and Wellness in San Francisco. Liked it so much I have make Candy Jack a regular on my shopping list. Ideal for daytime use and late afternoon . Provides easy relief for stress and anxiety. Though too much may bring on a little unease or excessive thoughts in social gatherings. Again, not really unique to Candyjack , as other strains will do the same. Overall a high quality hybrid with a legion of fans.


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