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Descending from popular strain Wedding Cake, Cake Batter is more energetic than its parent. It’s often found on the West Coast as part of the dessert strain craze in the ‘10s. OG Kush and Cookies are two of the most heavily worked strains in recent years, responsible for dozens of hybrids and variants—Cake Batter is a phenotype of Wedding Cake, which itself has Triangle Mints, Triangle Kush, and Animal Mints in its lineage, revealing its OG Kush and Cookies genetics. Cake Batter is for high-THC aficionados, with an accelerated, euphoric THC onset that can be uncomfortable for novices. Connoisseurs like its complex, vanilla frosting smell and fuel aftertaste. Cake Batter is generally grown indoors by experts and destined for the top cake batter online

The best bud I’ve ever smoked. It didn’t take much at all to start feeling it. When I smoked enough my body became extremely hyper sensitive and any touch set off my whole nervous system. Closing your eyes will cause you to feel like you’re at sea and crashing on waves. This is the stuff that Jesus smokes.

First off I am an avid self-proclaimed connoisseur user. This particular strain in my personal opinion is a very hard hitting someone sativa leaning strain which doesn’t leave you couch locked. As soon as you sit down and relax, you’re done.

Very nice! The flower has a fruity, clean aroma with hints of grapefruit peel. Vaped in a Pax2, the vapor tastes a bit like soap. It’s smooth, with subtle toasty vanilla notes, but mostly soapy. Made me very talkative and upbeat, even goofy. Little bit of dry mouth, but manageable with a beverage or hard candy. Great for stretching or dancing, maybe makin love. Made me feel creative and enjoy the world around me. Little bit of munchies on the comedown, but not “bottomless pit” hungry. A nice after work smoke!


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