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Cabbage Patch is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines Cherry Pie and Durban Poison genetics. The resulting buds are sweet, earthy and have hints of fruit flavors. Cabbage Patch delivers uplifting effects that are great for social settings and are known to spark creativity and laughter while relaxing muscle cabbage patch online

Found a new favorite for daytime when some pain kicks in or I’m depressed. It took it’s time hitting, but when it hit, I was done. Major high for me – my mind was a little absent, all I could do was giggle and smile… maybe nod here and there. Almost felt like I was in a lucid dream – aware of what was happening… but then not feeling like I’m in my body. Helped with muscle pain, felt like cool gel on my back muscles and spine. Also took my headache away from a previous strain I tried. Helped a LOT with my depression, it was like an anti-depressant on steroids. I was not jittery, but I was able to feel energetic. I had double vision for about the first 30 minutes, making it hard to focus. It’s really smooth when you inhale, no coughing/choking in the slightest. I didn’t experience munchies, didn’t make me hungry, & nothing tasted better or worse – didn’t effect my taste buds. Coming down from the high, I did just want to lay down – not fall asleep, but just relax. My muscles were like jello. The taste was sweet indeed, I kept getting sour notes here and there, like licking sour patch kids candy and then it would go sweet. I really love the taste of it, reminds me of Candy Jack, but better. Even before vaping it, smells sweet. Definitely worth a try, I’m getting more today.

I am definitely a sativa girl, one reason being that sativa’s just smell and taste so much yummier than indica’s (IMO… to each his/her own obviously). But honestly, Cabbage Patch smells beyond amazing. Straight up, I every time I get a whiff I legit say “oh my god” out loud to myself. Smells THAT good (again… to me). Smoke is nice and light and tastes like a subdued version of how it smells. Really loving this strain so far. If anything, at least have a whiff if you ever see it on the shelves at your local joint (no pun intended, seriously).


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