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Buddha’s Sister by Soma Seeds has a flavor like a tart cherry candy and a scent to match. A cross of Reclining Buddha, Afghani, and Hawaiian varieties, Buddha’s Sister provides creative and cerebral effects. An 80/20 indica blend, it does well grown in hydro or buddha’s sister online

Got this beautiful Indica from NETA in Brookline, M.A. Bomb strain. 17% THC. Great for daytime to relax you in small moderation though. Best for nighttime great to help with insomnia ptsd depression anxiety. Great Earthy woodsy smell & taste. Leaves an awesome smell behind when done smoking similar to incense smell awesome!!! Not super strong but does the trick and will couch/bed lock you if u over do it. Great overall indica that can be used during day in moderation. 👍

This is the first Good Buddahs sisiter I’ve has . Got it at a new “To me” dispensay Called Coloraod Harvest Company. Nice Nugs very clean Grown in dirt with not a lot of pumping up.. Good buzzz Last a while I would deffently reccommend this for sleep.. Pain also but Sleepy eye happy pot thats what this is! Thanks to the Harvest Company for the Killer 10.00 first time 1/8 and the free Couple of hit of the Canna labs oil is nice also… overall I Like Buddahs sister alot and this Co’s breed is very nice!buy buddha’s sister online

this is by far the best strain I’ve smoked for anxiety don’t know why but I felt soo good after smoking it no anxiety or panic just completely relaxed and happy-highly recommended!

This strain is by far the best for medicinal purposes ro treat inflammation and pain. The sedation is not overpowering but leaves you feeling relaxed and stress free

Incredible medicine, this strain has amazing healing qualities. After smoking this, I feel happy, content, driven, and outgoing. If you suffer from depression / anxiety, this is a great strain to look towards


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