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Blue Zkittlez is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Blue Diamond with Zkittlez. This odoriferous flower offers a terpene profile of tart citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers. The effects of Blue Zkittlez are mellow and moderately sedating, stimulating appetite while weighing heavy on the limbs. This strain offers a combination of strong physical effects and uplifting mental high which make it a perfect end-of-the-day strain and a nice match for folks contending with stress, restlessness, and blue zlittlez online

I first came across Blue Zkittlez at the Barbary Coast collective in San Francisco and holy crap, this strain knocked my socks off from first sniff. It smells like a bag of skittles. It ground up well, and smokes smooth in joints or in a bong. When you start grinding, the smell is even more powerful. Nothing short of a negative-pressure environment is keeping this smell in. The taste is reminiscent of berries and candy, easily the most flavorful strain I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. Effects are light, leaving you functional but relaxed, pain-free, and ready to crawl under the blanket if you so choose. Easily one of my new favorites!buy blue zlittlez online

Quite honestly, Blue Zkittlez does not give me a deep indica vibe. I feel a little bit slower, relaxed for sure, but it gives me a little kick to want to be productive and do something. It’s effects creep up on you and hit you hard, and it gets me really giggly and social – something I need a little more of out of life. Once it starts to come down is when I feel sleepy, but only if I sit myself down or lay in my comfy bed. Otherwise I go for more or seek to find something to do. I’m unsure of how this effects others, but it’s certainly a favorite of mine!~


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