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Blue Venom, an intoxicating indica-dominant hybrid by G13 Labs, is a cross between the sweet-tasting Blueberry and potent White Widow. With a sweet, blueberry aroma inherited from its parent strain, Blue Venom’s frosty, dense buds promise a fast-acting and long-lasting experience. Its full-body relaxation eventually progresses into a deep sedation, putting to rest any pain, stress, and blue venom online

2nd Strongest bud I’ve had after Solstice’s The White and Freak UV Nature’s The White. #Seattle/Tacoma I got mines from Seattles Finest at NWCM in White Center (ratcity). Just put it like this…Narcotics. That’s the only way I can describe the eurphoria. A dizzying sensational head high with a spaced out stuck on stupid, swear your in deep thought, nodding off, lay ya down, get back up again and raid the fridge, I’m not even hungry, bi-polar mental and physical high! The budtender told me it was strong but she failed to tell me that it is poisonous snake venom!!! Lol!

I take your time seriously, so I only write about 5 Star medicine, and Blue Venom makes the cut into this elite group. The bud structure resembles White Widow in that the bus are tight and conical, with white crystals sparkling throughout their little bodies. I can feel the soaring White Widow effects, too, but with a refreshing Blueberry aftertaste that is both sweet and soothing. I’ve only taken three hits, and that’s plenty for now, because I’m supposed to put up the Christmas lights. Merry Christmas and enjoy Blue Venom if it surfaces in your sphere of influence. It is strong and can set an old token, like me, back on his ass, let me tell you. I just called my son to come do the lights…l’m cooked after three hits…5 Stars for Blue “Venomous” Venom.


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