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Black Domina is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Northern LightsOrtega, Hash Plant, and Afghani. This melting pot of a strain delivers effects that are relaxing and sedating. Black Domina features a spicy pepper aroma and flavor. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with insomnia. Growers say Black Dominan has a rapid flowering time and produces buds that are coated in trichome black domina online

The heavy narcotic indica I was searching for. This underrated gem is a proper night time med. As a sufferer of ulcerative colitis, Black D helps to keep the cramping down and kill the pain, stress and anxiety associated with chronic illness. This allows for a peaceful nights rest when it is needed most. Overall a very effective tool for helping to combat the hellish effects of disease. It allows one to ease the pain and relax with a smile. A gift from God that facilitates a gentle tranquility. Bottom line: BD will cure what ails ya and put a blissful smile across your face as you sink deeply into that couch 🙂
Black Domina is easily my favorite strain of weed, and I say this as someone who smokes indicas and sativas equally. What really sets this strain apart is the powerful, narcotic euphoria that comes with a BD high. The feeling is like nothing else, but it has similarities with opiates. The body starts with euphoric waves radiating from the center of your chest, your eyes, your forearms, etc. Sex is far more pleasurable. Muscle pain and nerve pain melt away. You feel utterly at ease, and happy. The head high is complex and enjoyable as well. All your senses are heightened. The world is far more vivid. Time slows down. Playing a video game for 10 minutes seems like an hour… and it is somehow more fun. The world has more detail, and even a fuzzy quality to it reminiscent of an LSD trip. Your mind goes interesting places, and the creative boost is a clean one. Your memory doesn’t suffer. Your focus becomes razor sharp. Music is more interesting. Hell, everything is far more interesting. You feel kinda like a kid again, with a sense of childlike wonder. I could go on and on, but I think it would be only fair to mention the few cons of the strain: 1) It can be hard to find sometimes, even in Colorado 2) I wish that it did not increase my appetite.* *Food tastes much better, though. My god does it taste good. Again, ALL of your senses are heightened.



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