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Bio-Jesus is a hybrid marijuana strain known for its numbing potency and exceptional pain relief application. This strain is made by crossing Gumbo with Bio-Diesel. Bio-Jesus produces intense body effects and a euphoric haze that is ideal for nighttime use. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with bio-jesus online

Bio Jesus is one of the frostiest and most potent strains of cannabis I have ever encountered. I purchased this indica-dominant hybrid sample from Denver Relief, being very impressed with the bag/jar appeal. The bud would simply appear light green with light orange hairs if it weren’t completely covered in trichomes, giving it an almost white appearance. Despite some mild fox-tailing, the buds are pretty dense. Bio Jesus has a light and crisp aroma that smells of a vague floral scent with hints of tropical fruits. When the buds are broken into a sharp pine flavor emerges. The flavor is reminiscent of the smell, except for the overwhelming chest-expansion and nose-biting. The herbal and spicy smoke is not unpleasant, but certainly harsh even through a water filtered device. Vaporizing is the best way to experience the complex bouquet of Bio Jesus. The buzz is perhaps the best thing about this stain, however. After one good hit, even a seasoned smoker with a high tolerance will begin to feel the effects of this strong indica. This effective medicine may cause happiness, sleepiness, increased appetite, relaxation, and dry mouth. A fantastic choice for the evening or when being productive is not important

WARNING — This review is a bit naughty. I would stop reading now if you’re shy about sex. I decided to get my wife high for her very first time. This particular strain might have been a bit strong for her. Oh well…. Too late now. There was lots of giggling and crying, but mostly giggling. Then we went to bed. WOW !!! It turned her into a total sex machine. Normally, she is very shy and inhibited when it comes to the bedroom and our sessions usually last only fifteen minutes or so. (Kind of a lets hurry and get this over with kind of girl). In her defense, she always experiences a small amount of pain during the initial start of sex regardless of lubrication. But not last night kiddos. No pain at the onset. It was pure desire for her. She has never been one for having multiple orgasms, but while high on Bio-Jesus, she could not get enough. Multiple (x5) OG’s for her, three for me, and she wanted to keep playing, but I cried uncle. (I had to get some sleep sometime). We will be doing this again (and I hope with similar results). If you want your girl to lose any inhibitions she may have in the bedroom, you might want to give this particular strain a whirl.


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