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Apple Jack is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Jack Herer and White Widow. This potent strain provides uplifting and soothing effects. Apple Jack is ideal for medical marijuana patients and consumers managing chronic pain or nausea. This strain features a flavor profile that is skunky and earthy with undertones of sliced apple jack online

I talked to my guy yesterday to put in an order and he told me he had apple jack. I looked it up and it had some pretty lack luster reviews so I was not very excited but picked it up anyway. He told me that there are very few people who actually have clones of this strain so I started to be more excited. When I opened it up, it reeked of delicious sour apples. The hit was very very smoky and the nugs were insanely frosted. It is a lot like fuel in the way it could easily be 2 hit quit, but I and a friend smoked a bowl and were on the moon. It produces an intense head high with a lot of euphoria that lasts way longer than one might expect. I was still actually high after an hour, which never happens. The dankness of this bud is unparalleled in my experience. After pulling a skeletal stem out of a fat bud, my fingers felt like I had been playing with glue and stuck to everything. The paper I tried to roll it with actually got wet from the bud and I could only pull 2 hits out of it before it clogged with nasty dankness and I had to cut the rest open and put it in a bowl. I actually hope the potency doesn’t get much higher once it cures a bit because I was shocked by how potent it was and had to be seated for such a long time. the 30% THC test made my eyebrows hit my hairline maybe because I haven’t seen it tested for anything above 22-25 on other reviews. E & T’s Space Garden is purely organic and the man waters the soil with a tea that makes the soil more alive. Not sure if the high test is typical or just from expert growing



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