Ace killer og

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Ace Killer OG,  is an indica strain that flaunts a high THC content and an impactful diesel fragrance. Reproduced from White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush, and a secret strain, Ace Killer OG acquires a hefty cover of snow-like pitch and hard-hitting impacts that can stun even the most prepared veteran. Buy ace killer og

Pro Killer is quite serious… Be prepared! it isn’t the best thing in the world everybody (except yet everybody should attempt it once or however much you can deal with or-appreciate;)) and you should do it pronto. You should go to LA, CA to get the Real OG however its realized that this strain is been fanning out all through the world and soon to hit each nearby (aware) dispensary around the world. Partake in My GFriends

5/11/2016 It’s 8:32 am, and I’ve recently done the unthinkable…I breathed in 3 successes of, “Pro Killer Og.” No concerns though….I’ve done it for logical examination, to get the full impacts of this strain directly out of the sack, and deciding by the expanding messiness of my penmanship, (I’m composing this longhand on a yellow lawful cushion to be interpreted on PC), it’s sending a significant message: “I’m solid; I am mind-growing; Don’t meddle with me!” The prompt sensation is a deadness behind the eyes that isn’t horrendous. Actually, it has opened my psyche some way or another, permitting a free-progression of thought, a dam-blasting shot of THC first thing, and here I am, offering this experience to you. Pro Killer Og is fine medication. It is an integral asset to be utilized shrewdly, for it is an amazing gift from the Cannabis Gods to open your brain. Have some good times, partake in the sun, and let it be known, 5 Stars for the Ace Killer Og.

So Fireeeeee. Today we Rolled it with Fresh Hash from the Middle East to add some zest to it and it made it Volcano Like Fire. Pro Killer is an absolute necessity experience assuming you need to at any point call your self a specialist of OG.




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