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24k Gold is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Kosher Kush with Tangie. This strain provides euphoric and relaxing effects that are long-lasting. 24k Gold offers a sweet critrus flavor when smoked or vaped. Growers say this strain has dark colored buds like its parent, Kosher 24k gold online

24K, simply put, is … THE 💣💣!! Genetics are 2 of my favorites, and one of longest lasting medications, IMO. Good enough to earn 5 stars from me, so it must be top shelf! Having an awesome caregiver helps! My meds are always top shelf, high THC (20%+), which is important as I suffer from severe PTSD, Gastrointestinal pain, Bi- Polar, etc.. I’m from the Southwest, I am a licensed medical marijuana patient, this summer was my 1st grow ever! Growing alone is very therapeutic also! Follow my reviews my peeps! 1 love & Stay Medicated!

MaAAAAaAaaaAn this flower will take you to the MooOoON🌚 I picked up this strain from the plug, my clients and I have not been disappointed!! Super frosty with beautiful orangey-copper pistils compliment this this quality strain. This one is definitely a hitter but also has a “level 2 high” that sets in after the initial high we get after the first hit. It sets in behind the eyes and turns ya world 24k💰💰💰 Be careful of this citrus smelling flower. She seems harmless but she’s a doozy! A little will have you giggly, a decent amount and you’re stoned….a lot…goodnight😪😪 I’ll give you 10mins to stay awake 😂😂 Enjoy fellow tokers🤗😇

This is my new favorite..other reviewers spot on (thank you) it does hit you rather quick…by the time I was ready to go have some fun feeling happy, relaxed, giggly I was calling for my dog not realizing he was sitting right next to me the whole time. That made me lose it…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time & things just kept getting funnier from there (Just mentioning I had some green crack few hours before I tried this). Munchies were pretty controllable. Definitely agree with others & so happy it was mentioned that 24k gold is not for beginners or first time smokers, in my opinion. I have a decent tolerance so this shook things up for me in an awesome way!!



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