indica strain marijuana

INDICA strain marijuana

Top 10 Cannabis Indica Strains Of 2020

Indica strains are typically the favourites among seasoned cannabis users. When people want some “loud” or “bomb” or “fire”, they’re usually talking about a nice, strong indica. Here are the best indica strains of 2020! indica strain marijuana

1. ICE

One of the most notable indica strains we carry is ICE. An acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme, it will seem as though your plants are covered in an icy frost once harvest rolls around. ICE matures its bountiful, sparkling buds in as little as 8 weeks of bloom, but many growers prefer to extend the phase to 10 weeks. ICE is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Afghan, and Skunk, a marriage that culminates in a spicy, earthy, and herbaceous aroma alongside a decadent high. indica strain marijuana


Northern Light is a favourite among connoisseurs and growers worldwide. Though the exact genetics of the original Northern Lights remains unknown, experts believe that the strain is a result of hybridising 11 varieties. Our take on Northern Light remains fiercely indica-dominant, with a couch-lock high and a smooth, distinct flavour.


Sweet ZZ is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit that really lives up to its name. It has an incredibly sweet aroma and flavour, with many users reporting a smoke laced with hints of candy. Although Sweet ZZ is indica-dominant, you will definitely feel some of the sativa effects of this strain. Typically, relaxation, creativity, and mild feelings of euphoria are reported.


Sherbet Queen breaks the mould when it comes to conventional indica highs. She exerts an impactful body high alongside stimulating cerebral effects, making for a well-rounded high. An 85% indica strain that shares genetics with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect a characteristically sweet and earthy flavour and aroma.


Our sweet Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a touch of sativa and 19% THC. This magical blend of Bubble Gum and OG Kush inspires a relaxing, natural bliss as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble Kush grows up to 140cm indoors and 200cm outdoors, producing large yields in both settings. indica strain marijuana


This beloved indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossbreeding Oregon Blueberry with the popular Original Cheese (UK Cheese). Cheese strains have a pretty distinct taste and smell, and this definitely applies to Blue Cheese, although it does have an extra hint of sweetness from the Blueberry. Aside from its wonderful taste, it also induces some very strong effects.


OG Kush is a strain of world-renowned potency and flavour. It has a dank aroma that has inspired the flavour profiles of many other indica hybrids, with an aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. As you enjoy the flavour, you’ll enjoy equally intense body and head highs. A robust and easy-to-grow specimen, OG Kush can yield up to 550g/plant outdoors.


The distinctly sweet flavour of banana is appealing to many cannabis smokers. Crossing Banana with OG Kush created just the right combination in Fat Banana. This sticky green indica is called “fat” for a reason. Under the sun, it’s been shown to yield up to 500g/plant after 8 weeks of flowering. The result is a dense, generous specimen with over 25% THC in its yellow-tinged buds. Enjoy an arresting couch-lock only the best indica can deliver. indica strain marijuana


Purple strains aren’t only pretty to look at; they also pack some serious heat within their majestic buds. Purple Queen exerts powerful effects on both the mind and body. It’s smooth to smoke, with a full-bodied Kush flavour and a hint of lemon. This is a wonderful strain to unwind with after a long day at work. On top of all that, the heavy-yielder will leave you in awe of her canopy of glittering violet buds.


Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we pride ourselves on Royal Cookies. Of all the indica genetics, Cookies stands out in the name of any strain. It typically produces an aroma of baked treats, not unlike warm cookies. The sweet flavour of the smoke tantalises the senses, and—with a THC content reaching 23%—its high is a combination of full-body relaxation accented by an uplifting cerebral note. Pace yourself with this delicious stand-out from our catalogue.

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